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2018 Yachter's Choice Catalog


Composite Imagery

Design and Layout

The task: Update the previous year Yachter's Choice catalog to include the new line of non-powered coolers and expand the number of pages from four to eight.

Yachter's Choice is a private-label distributor of sunglasses and rugged, non-powered coolers that can be used during any type of activity but are rooted in the boating market. Because of that, I wanted to continue that theme creatively but with a fresh look.

With the product photography already done, I wanted the lifestyle imagery to have an upscale look that emphasized quality and style. Since the budget did not support expensive on-location photoshoots, I decided to create composite images using stock art and products shot in such a way as to match the lighting and angle of each "scene".

I created three composites: A beach scene with samples from each product line for the cover, a woman wearing sunglasses on the sunglasses start page, and a boat-dock scene for the coolers page. Matching the natural outdoor lighting and positioning of the Yachter's Choice products in the photo studio was a fun challenge. Then the product images were composited into their respective scenes and blended to match using tonal adjustments, warming or cooling filters, specular highlights, reflections, and drop shadows. The results are in the image gallery below.

Tools: Nikon camera, Adobe Photoshop, and InDesign