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Waterfall Music Prod. Website (Wordpress)

Wordpress CMS, PHP, CSS


The task: Create a new website on the Wordpress platform with updated features and a fresh design.

Waterfall Music Productions' previous website was out of date. The slider didn't work, the Twitter feed didn't work, and the design had gone stale. So I installed a feature-rich, very flexible and expandable theme that would give WMP the most bang for its buck.

The slider on the home page showcases WMP's four main services, reinforced by the information blocks below it. The Twitter feed is now restored and the Instagram feed on the blog page is a new addition.

This is a dynamic and easy-to-navigate website with a fresh vibe and new features. It further establishes the WMP brand as a professional-quality provider of musical services in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, and offers its clients and potential clients new ways to connect.

Features to be added soon are client accounts, scheduling, and a calendar of events.

Tools: Wordpress CMS, PHP, CSS, and Adobe Photoshop

Visit waterfallmusicproductions.com