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Point Blank Vision Body Armor Launch

Logo design

Print ad design

All photography


The task: In a highly competitive industry where everyone says their product is the most innovative and best, prove that Point Blank's new Vision concealable body armor is exactly that.

The challenge for Point Blank as a high-profile manufacturer of body armor, which touted its R&D capability, was to conquer the comfort vs. protection problem inherent in wearable armor. To do that, Point Blank utilized advanced microfiber fabrics in the ballistic carrier designed to keep the wearer cool and dry and that also didn't cause unwanted friction or bunching under a uniform shirt.

We created a logo with a heavy typeface and a graphic that borrowed from the main brand to tie it visually to Point Blank. For product photography, we took careful measurements of our model to make sure the vest fit perfectly. To add to the mystery of this new product, lighting for the photography consisted of one main light stopped down a stop or two and a background light to add some depth to the scene.

One of the interesting features of Vision was the unique ballistic-panel suspension system built into the elastic shoulder straps. The idea was that as the wearer moved, the ballistic panels would move with him so that vital areas were not exposed. I proposed a technical cutaway illustration to show this value-added feature. The illustration was included in one of the 2006 Point Blank catalogs.

Another graphic created for the catalog and ads was a red-hot sun covered by the Vision's main selling point in text – "VISION helps keep you cool, dry, and comfortable" – filled with a cool white-to-light blue gradient.

The launch was a success and the Vision is still a Point Blank best seller today.

The tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Nikon D2X