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PPI's Urban Assault Systems

Logo design

Page layout

All photography

The task: Create a 6-page brochure introducing PPI's line of tactical body armor and accessories called Urban Assault Systems.

We decided on an urban grunge theme for this project, so we employed the use of back-alley stock imagery, skylines, street signs, asphalt, and dirty photo edging.

A logo was needed so I developed a concept of a stylized manhole cover being blown upwards by high pressure and fire. The final result was a composite of grungy metal, stock images of fire, and simulated asphalt created within Photoshop.

Studio photography and outdoor "tactical action" photography was used. For the latter, a slow shutter speed in combination with rear-curtain sync flash created the motion effect.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Nikon D700