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2018 Seachoice Watersports Brochure

Page layout

Graphics design

The task: Create a fun and colorful 4-page brochure to promote Seachoice's new line of watersports/towable products.

I wanted to create a brochure to complement the colorful and edgy design of the "Sea Beast" and "Sea Serpent" towable covers. The existing product photography was of a very high quality, so I reproduced it as large as possible while allowing enough space for the text. The background imagery and colors I selected were understated to allow the product photography to shine.

I also wanted to incorporate a sense of motion, especially in the design of the inside spread, so I placed the product images into slanted frames that leaned in the direction of movement. White borders around the frames highlighted the images. A foamy ocean surface stock image in the background reinforced the watersports theme. Note the ghosted honeycomb pattern, a feature of the product graphics, over the background image.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign