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2017 Dometic Pleasure Boat Catalog

Page layout

Image post-processing

Design of plywood support for wall-mounted product

The task: To update Dometic's pleasure boat catalog in the new rebranded format – a 6X6 12-pt modular grid.

The grid template was intended to be rigid and ensure consistency across Dometic's three global regions and differing paper sizes. But the modular nature of the grid allowed for virtually unlimited variations in the size and placement of the information groups while remaining unmistakably Dometic.

The product images shown below (not on a page image) are mine, as well as several others not shown.

One of the products I photographed for the catalog, a wall-mounted water purifier made up of several components, necessitated a plywood support (shown below) which I designed and helped build.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Canon 5D Mark II, cordless drill