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Film Documentary Project

VHS sleeve design

Promotional mailer/poster design & layout

Title design

Logo design

Website design & development

The task: Create promotional materials, VHS sleeve and website for a film documentary titled "The Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe".

Through an art director friend I met a photographer, graphic designer, and historian named Albert Barry. He was producing a documentary about the wooden synagogues which, once the centerpiece of many small towns in eastern Europe, were all but destroyed during World War II. Barry was looking for a graphic designer to design the VHS sleeve and build a website to support the project. Also needed was a poster-size mailer and order form for the completed video release.

The website featured a splash page with the title; from the home page visitors could read about the documentary's awards and reviews and download the order form. There was also a music track which I built in Flash. The music was featured in the documentary.

The project grew into a second: A website for Voices From the Ashes – an initiative by Barry and the Jewish Historical Society to preserve, curate, and publish almost 7,300 early written accounts of the Holocaust. The website featured a survivors search database and a donation information page.

The Voices From the Ashes logo featured chiseled gold letters and a defiant Star of David in the background – painted by me using watercolor paints.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Flash, and watercolor paints