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CD Album Release

Title design

CD & jewel case insert design

Promotional poster design

Postcard design

The task: Create CD jewel case insert and CD imprint designs, as well as a postcard and poster to promote the album release.

When my friend Jason let me listen to his new music – an album of hymns – told me the album title and showed me his new images, I immediately formed a design concept in my mind. I envisioned a title almost too big to be contained  – a metaphor for the overwhelming greatness of the Living God.

In addition, I decided to use dark earth tones that matched the color of Jason's clothing in the photoshoot and contrasted well with the soft, muted blues and weathered whites in the sky and church building in the background.

A postcard and letter-size poster template were created to promote the CD release and concert appearances, respectively.


I think the results were quite good. The bold typography, design, and quality of the images all combined for an eye-catching product.

The tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign