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EXT Take-Home Guide

Product Photography

Image Post-Processing

Design and Layout

Masking and Composite Imagery

Creative Writing

The task: Create a take-home guide for new Hair Club clients who have bought the EXT (Minoxidil) "Extreme Hair Therapy" Program.

I was tasked with design and layout of the booklet, plus writing all the copy. I chose to use images of actual EXT clients throughout the piece. Their apparent joy and enthusiasm, in combination with their written testimonials, were intended to drive the overall tone of the book and provide an almost kinetic energy to each page. The message: You have made the right buying decision because EXT will work for you like it did for us.

Using the client images offered an interesting technical challenge, as I had to remove the forms - including all those flying strands of hair - from the original background. This was done in Photoshop by duplicating one of the channels, manipulating the levels for maximum contrast, then applying it as a mask. Imperfections in the mask were filled by "painting" back in hair.

Tools: Adobe Bridge, Camera RAW, Photoshop, and InDesign